The Two Faces of Jack Markell

I was relatively shocked that Jack Markell, F-rated Governor of Delaware, actually signed an improvement to Delaware’s Concealed Deadly Weapon Licensing system late last week. He must be having second thoughts about supporting the Second Amendment, because now he’s pushing back on the bill to roll back the ban in public housing in Delaware. I guess he’s not interested in his grade improving all that much, or avoiding having to spend state money, in a time when state money is scarce, on a costly lawsuit to defend the ban in federal court.

2 thoughts on “The Two Faces of Jack Markell”

  1. Seems rational to me.

    Permit holders are almost certainly taxpayers (cost/time of permit) and probably more likely to vote, while we still don’t want to encourage “those people” to be having guns.

    You know, for their own good.

  2. I’m not the least bit surprised he signed CCDW reform. As far as I know all the reform bill did was up the price and duration of a DE permit. It’s a political move. He can say “look, I signed a pro-gun bill” when really all he did was sign a bill that made a trivial administrative change.

    His support of the housing gun ban really pisses me off though, since he’s using my tax money to fight to retain policies he damn well knows are unconstitutional.

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