Transcript for McDonald

Anyone looking for the transcript for McDonald v. Chicago can find it here. I would have linked this yesterday, but couldn’t stop one place long enough to look for it and link it. I only could work through the iPhone. I managed to get a paper copy yesterday thanks to Chris Cox, fortunately.

3 thoughts on “Transcript for McDonald”

  1. Not that I’m as smart as Gura, but I wish he had also argued for incorporation under “nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” No law that exempts police or politicians is constitutional. Most arms control laws make keeping and bearing illegal, and then exempt the police and other permitted individuals (such as bounty hunters). I want equal protection.

  2. You got to love this part, Feldman telling Justice Roberts what Heller said…

    “CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Well, if you think that’s right, why wouldn’t you think, for all the reasons given in Heller, that the Second Amendment right is essential to our system….”

    “MR. FELDMAN: The question that the Court was addressing in Heller was not — again, was not how important the Second Amendment right was, or how implicit it is in our system…”

  3. Sevral times Feldman attempted to tell the Justices what Heller said.. and what like only Justice Sotomayor and Souter were not on the bench at that time Heller was decided.

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