Snow Leopard

Ran out to the Apple Store in King of Prussia yesterday to pick up a copy of Snow Leopard.  Installation went off without a hitch, and the main reason I decided to upgrade quickly, which were the time machine speedups, seem to work OK.  The integration of Apple Mail with Exchange 2007 seems to work well.  My iCal synchronizes with my Exchange calendar just fine, and the e-mail part works fine too.   I’m happy about this because it gives me an opportunity to stop using Entourage, which works fine, but is a bit more slow and bloated compared to Mail.  I also switched to using Safari instead of Firefox, because it’s much faster, so I thought I’d give it another chance.  We’ll see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Snow Leopard”

  1. hold down the option key next time you click on your Airport Status icon in the menu.

    I also upgraded to SL and there are some very cool things in there…

  2. A co-worker had this great observation on Entourage:

    “I asked for a pencil, they gave me a box of crayons.”

    We kept using as a IMAP client. iCal was something more of a challenge, but OWA was sufficient for the minimum of meeting scheduling I needed.

  3. I use Safari for just about every site I visit and it’s worked well for me (I am still running Tiger). Firefox works better for some sites, though.

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