Want to Follow Our McDonald Activities?

I will be broadcasting things of interest during our time here in DC on my Twitter feed, which you can find here. Bitter will also be tweeting over here, and she’s probably more of a spontaneous tweeter than I am. Most of the coverage of McDonald won’t begin until tomorrow, obviously, but we’ll be meeting up with some friends in the issue up until that time. At least one of us will be staying outside, probably both of us to be honest, due to the fact that I’m not too keen on camping out in DC in the freezing cold with dress clothes on.

Coverage here will be more after the fact, since I can’t lug a laptop around with me all day. I can, however, lug an iPhone, so live coverage will be on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Want to Follow Our McDonald Activities?”

  1. The iPhone WordPress app is broken in a major way. It doesn’t work with self-signed SSL certificates. I have this blog set up to only do SSL for administrative functions, including posting. I’m actually shocked WordPress isn’t set up to do that by default.

  2. Hey, I’m sure Droid Doesn’t either… And, yeah, twitter is faster.

    (Self-signed certs break a lot of things, very oddly in some circumstances)

    1. Sebastian got a WordPress app to work on my Droid, but Twitter is still faster. :) But it may be dangerous. Depending on the line situation and whether we’re standing in it, I may offer ungodly sums of money to anyone reading Twitter who will bring me Starbucks. :)

  3. Heh – I had considered making an extended trip down to see my folks this week myself, actually. (Not very seriously, got other calls on my vacation time).

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