Man Purse

So how do you disguise a man purse so it doesn’t look metro? Well, make it look like you’re toting a pistol around, that’s how. If a shoulder rig isn’t your fancy, there’s also the OWB model.

15 Responses to “Man Purse”

  1. Sean Sorrentino says:

    So what they are saying is that the “fashion conscious” (but not GAY!) man would rather look like he’s carrying a gun than carrying a man purse, which is, like, totally gay. Totally.

    I guess we now know why Starbucks told the Brady’s to kiss off.

  2. This has to be in the top worst ideas.

    At the bank: “I would like $100 in cash, let me get my id from my…”

  3. Ian Argent says:, and Might have bought them when I was still underage to drink at college; except I didn’t have that much money.

    (also, has some truly cringeworthy ad copy – though it would appear to make a cheap range bag)

  4. Pete says:

    This one seems to fit the bill for the fashion conscious.

  5. Fiftycal says:

    UH oh. I guess no one has pointed you at the “safepacker” from You can put it on a shoulder strap, on your belt or just carry it in your hand. I use one threaded thru the seat belt on the empty passenger seat. Oh, and it does hold my 1911.

  6. Ian Argent says:

    That one I’d consider getting, actually. Even if it does look like the son of fanny-pack.

    (OTOH, I wear what amounts to a low-profile shoot-me-now vest – ScotteVest. With the sleeves attached, it looks like a windbreaker. As a vest? Well, it’s not a photog vest and the pockets are discreet, that’s about it.)

  7. Sendarius says:

    Has no one noticed that the damn thing faces the wrong way?

    I defy anyone to draw a gun from a shoulder holster in that orientation – no pun intended.

  8. comatus says:

    You kids nowadays! These were popular (and less expensive!), in the no-pocket-pants Days of Disco. “Certain people” were well advised not to wear them. A full-size .32, if you can imagine such a thing, fits nicely, but they don’t draw well.

    The new ones must be too heavy to wear, considering the weight of douchebag-hipster irony they’re loaded down with.

  9. gene says:

    Seriously, there are plenty of less stupidly-ironic “manly” man bags. For example,

  10. Bill Twist says:

    This one is simple: Put a powder horn on it. Preferably scrimshawed with “I Powder and my brother Ball hero-like, do conquer all”.

  11. Jeanette K. says:

    I can’t think of one reason why someone would carry this other than to look completely ridiculous. Thanks for posting, Sebastian! :)

  12. Dannytheman says:

    I will just stick with my summer fanny pack. I am old enough to not care anymore!

  13. M Gallo says:

    I carry a Maxpedition Versipack in Foliage Green with a reverse field subdued flag on it, and there’s nothing “metro” about it. It’s nice, too, because if I feel like concealing illegally (not that I’d ever do that… *ahem*, but I’m in WI), then I can do so and since the firearm is in a bag, I can decline a search and the Terry pat-down can’t find it (in an admissable fashion, at least).

    What I want to know is when did chicks steal the purse from men? I have to wear cargos to carry all my shit if I don’t have a bag. I do refer to it as a “man purse,” however, because that way I’ve already made a self-denegrating comment and can’t really be further immasculated by anyone asking about it. OODA!

  14. geekWithA.45 says:

    I have one word to say about this topic:


    Because looking dangerous without actually BEING dangerous is always counterproductive.

  15. M Gallo says:

    LOL, nice, Geek. I agree; my aim is to fail every interview with criminals (which happen often given the area in which I work) by looking like someone with whom they should not fuck, and having the ability to back that up if they’re stupid enough to try.

    Unfortunately, there are some areas of the world where having the best means to back that up aren’t possible, so you have to hope that projecting the image is enough. Other animals do it, why not humans?