Advice to Squeaky Wheel

Sqeaky Wheel is looking for first time gun buying advice. I’m going to assume she’s not completely novice shooting, because I advise novices to start with an inexpensive .22LR semi-auto, work out the basics, and then move up to a pistol with actual recoil.

For concealed carry, I’m a fan of semi-autos. They are easier to shoot accurately, carry more cartridges, and are easy to reload. Of the pistols she lists, I would go with either the Glock 19 (which is what I carry) or the Springfield XD.

However, I am a 6’3″, 230lb male. I can conceal a compact frame pistol without too much difficulty. Carry for women is a more difficult proposition, because there’s no really good way to conceal. Women have curves in the wrong places for concealing a gun, and unless you’re ok with wearing baggy clothes all the time, it can be a real problem.

The best method for women is probably purse carry, but to do that you need to invest in a quality carry purse that allows quick and easy access. If you can’t draw and present the gun for firing in a few seconds, you need to rethink your method. Especially if you plan to carry a semi-auto, it’s vitally important that the firearm be contained in a proper holster within the purse. Some purse holsters come with fabric holsters that I think are entirely inadequate, because they don’t allow for easy re-holstering. If you see one with retention straps on it, ditch them. If the firearm is secure in the gun compartment of the purse, they are superfluous, and will complicate your draw. You will also need to be very careful about placing down the purse. If you’re the kind of person that misplaces it, purse carry is not for you. This is one area there’s no room for error. You also have to be prepared to thwart purse snatchers, and be prepared for them; if they get your purse, they get your gun too.

There are other deep concealment methods that can work if you practice them enough, but I’ve always been skeptical of their utility in a stress situation.

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  1. Clint says:

    I posted:

    “My wife carries snub nose .38’s and uses a belly band, a belt holster, a thigh holster or a fanny pack, depending on her attire and stiuation. One of the revolvers is a Taurus with an exposed hammer, the other a S&W with a shrouded hammer.

    Squeaky Wheel, you may be interested in the Cornered Cat site that offers a page on concealment holsters as well as a cornucopia of other practical advice.

  2. I’m not a “complete novice” – but I admit that I’m not extremely knowledgable, and the only way for me to get that way is by taking classes, so I’m doing that (first one’s Monday). This request is mainly for guns to try before I make a purchase. If I can’t test it out, I don’t want to buy it. I learn by doing, not by listening.

    I just figured that with the mecca of information around these parts, I could shorten my test-time by getting a list of tried-and-true weapons.