Speed of Gun Control

This article provides a bit of history on some of the Chicago-area gun bans. It turns out that the widow of a man shot became so obsessed with blaming the gun that the very night her husband was shot, the first thing she wanted to do was organize a press release to go out in the morning calling for a gun ban.

A major segment of the case began, however, not with lofty constitutional quarrels but the long-ago murder of a lawyer and judge in a Chicago courtroom. It was Oct. 21, 1983, when wheelchair-bound Hutchie Moore, using a handgun he had hidden under a blanket, shot his ex-wife’s divorce lawyer, James Piszczor, as well as the presiding judge in the Cook County Circuit Court, Henry Gentile, on the 16th floor of the Daley Center.

Piszczor’s best friend, Christopher Walsh, was in Washington attending a reunion of clerks to then-Chief Justice Warren Burger, when he heard of Piszczor’s death. …

“I flew back that night,” Walsh recalled last week. “Jim’s wife, Maureen, asked me to issue a press release the next morning.” In that release, Piszczor’s widow launched a drive to restrict handguns in their hometown of Oak Park, Ill., a Chicago suburb. “She said that part of the problem that led to Jim’s death was access to handguns, and she didn’t want another widow to have to deal with what she was dealing with.”

I realize that people deal with death differently, so I’m going to try not to judge here. However, I really can’t imagine a circumstance where the very night that my other half was killed, my reaction would be to go into political activist mode and send out press releases.

Regardless, it worked. And it stood for more than two decades.

5 thoughts on “Speed of Gun Control”

  1. Well, next week the oral arguments in the Supreme Court will begin and we will find out whether Constitutional RIGHTS are more important than FEELINGS!

  2. “I guess one person CAN make a difference, but most of the time, they probably shouldn’t” — Marge Simpson (‘Itchy and Scratchy and Marge’)

  3. Is there more to the story? Was Moore a wacko, and was he convicted (not a slam-dunk case by any means; if anyone can get juror sympathy it would be the guy who shoots two lawyers). Did he allege corruption, and was there any investigation?

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