5 thoughts on “HSUS Facing Federal Lawsuits”

  1. Even if it amounts to nothing it keeps them busy and makes them spend $ defending themselves.

    Less $ to ban hunting and less time to advocate for their agenda.

  2. Looks like it’s not the Center for Consumer Freedom filing the lawsuit. The suit was filed by the parent company of Ringling Bros./Barnum Bailey circus. I think CCF is just covering the case.

  3. You are so skeptical!!!!

    But whenever I need more proof there is a God!! BAM…..

  4. Note that the complaint also names ASPCA. Which goes to show; you are judged by the company you keep…

    I’m reading the complaint – It’s quite interesting. Central claim would appear to be that either the DC District Court or the DC Circuit Courto of Appeals found that the “star witness” of a suit against FEI was “a paid plaintiff” and “not credible” (current suit names him as a defendant); and that the rest of the current defendants knew or should have known that those allegations were not true and conspired to conceal these matters from the courts. Also alleged tax evasion, money raising on false pretenses, unlicensed flouridation and mopery and dopery in court… Plus money-laundering, etc.

    Not a kooky suit as far as I can tell. IANAL, obviously, but there’s some fairly interesting hard facts (as determined either by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals when they rules for FEI in the previous suit, or by recordings of Mr. Rider, or by tax documents). Mr. Rider is quite likely toast, even if this suit goes no farther, unless someone calls off the IRS. Likewise the organizations named. (Which, admittedly, depends on how much of a congressman they all have in their pockets).

    (Side note – the circus Bailey is related to the Bailey of Bailey’s Crossroads, VA. And Now You Know)

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