CRP Notices Decline in Gun Control Fortunes

Center For Responsive Politics, which runs notes the arrival of the new National Park rule on guns by this:

A federal law takes effect today that allows gun owners to tote their weapons within national parks, so long as they obey local laws. It’s a major victory for gun rights advocates, who argue gun owners should have had such rights decades ago. And it comes as pro-gun forces spent more on federal lobbying efforts in 2009 than in any year since 2002 — all told, nearly $5 million. They targeted at least some of that money at both the House and Senate versions of the “Preservation of the Second Amendment in National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges Act,” a Center for Responsive Politics analysis indicates. Gun control advocates, meanwhile, spent a relative pittance in 2009 on federal lobbying efforts — $180,000. Most of that came from a single organization:Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The decline in gun control advocates’ lobbying power is striking: In 2001, the special interest area spent more than $2.1 million on federal lobbying efforts.

And it’s worth nothing that it’s up to us to make sure NRA-PVF‘s coffers are full so they can keep up this pace of donation. There’s no rich patron keeping the money flowing, unlike with Bloomberg’s group. Sadly, the quickest way to influence in Washington is money.

8 thoughts on “CRP Notices Decline in Gun Control Fortunes”

  1. “Center for Responsive Politics analysis indicates. Gun control advocates, meanwhile, spent a relative pittance in 2009 on federal lobbying efforts — $180,000.”

    But are they counting the free advertising given by every media outlet out there?

  2. Sounds like the NRA could use a sugar momma. Imagine what we could accomplish with our current totals plus the deep pockets of our own Bloomberg type figure.

  3. If I paid the stupid tax (aka the lotto) and won, after buying a ton of NFA toys I’d set up a fund like the Joyce Foundation, but with the NRA PVF/ILA and SAF as benificaries. Nothing like a constant stream of cash to keep your organization going. NRA to lobby, SAF to sue. Its the perfect combo.

  4. Some of the NRA board members have some nice bank rolls, I am sure!! But I also bet they donate pretty nicely!
    I will send 20 more of my hard earned!! Seems like we are getting ready to bury the competition.

  5. All the money in the world can’t compete with all the free help these people get from 99% of American newspapers.

  6. Get enough money together, and the possibility exists to purchase controlling shares in one or more major media outlets…

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