Opposite Day

Joining in SayUncle’s theme, but on a different topic. In addition to the Richmond paper saying that maybe repealing one-gun-a-month is the right thing to do, we have a North Jersey paper printing an op-ed from a retired police officer refuting the notion that guns in the home are dangerous and useless.

10 Responses to “Opposite Day”

  1. mikeb302000 says:

    Of course you agree with his main point, but as I mentioned on my blog today, I find Officer Neumann to be a bit of a bullshitter. The way he described the few seconds it would take to slap in the magazine to confront an intruder was quite misleading. That describes how it would go under optimum condidtions for a trained person, not at all an accurate description of how it would go for a normal home owner, in the dark at night.

    Plus, his reference to the “many times” he’s used his gun over the years, like he was some kind of Dirty Harry, didn’t ring true for me.

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    “didn’t ring true for me.”

    Given you can’t deturmine truth from fiction, that really doesn’t mean much, MikeB.

    Plus you openly admit your a criminal with guns, what more reason do we need to repeal gun laws?

  3. Sebastian says:

    How hard is it to insert a magazine into a gun and load it? Do you really think people are that stupid an inept?

  4. Bob S. says:


    Can you make up your mind?

    Either you are familiar with firearms and their operations enough to know that a few seconds to insert a magazine is misleading or you are a novice that doesn’t have enough knowledge for a debate about the issues?

    Or there is a third possibility — you are simply a liar.

    Wonder which is most probable?

    So, Sparky which is it?

    If you are knowledgeable, I’ll renew my offer for a straight up debate of the issues.

    If you are a novice that is unfamiliar with firearms, then you have no clue about how long it would take and therefore absolutely unable to evaluate the words of the writer.

    If you are a liar, you will respond by trying one of your standard tactics: ignoring the subject, attacking me, or crying that we are picking on poor little MikeB302000.

    Balls in your court Sparky. Whatcha gonna do?

  5. Weer'd Beard says:

    “Or there is a third possibility — you are simply a liar.”

    Heh, we proved that one ages ago.

    And Yes, Sebastian, he does think people are that stupid, why else would he still be serving up the same recycled crap labeled “fresh and new”?

  6. mikeb302000 says:

    Sebastian, What I think is the average gun owner is not able to do what Neumann said, not because the average Joe is stupid or inept but simply because he’s not trained to deal with things like that, the way you are.

  7. Sebastian says:


    What training does it take to slap a magazine into a gun and rack/release the slide? It’s easier than working a DVD player.

  8. mikeb302000 says:

    It takes training to face a potentially life threatening danger calmly. It takes a certain type of person to be able to not panic, to be able to keep his cool, to be able to wake up from a sound sleep, let’s say and have his wits about him.

    The average gun owner probably never goes to the range and rarely handles his gun. This guy cannot help but get nervous and shaky, heart pounding, adrenalin beginning to pump.

    Guys like you could handle it, but you’re not like the average gun owner, are you?

  9. Weer'd Beard says:

    Mikey, do you also think the “average gun owner” owns their guns illegally like you do?

    I certainly don’t think you have the qualifications to make those statements Mike…namely that you’re a criminal, a liar, and an idiot.

    Also I suspect you’re mentally ill, which is a concern given what the criminal, mentally ill, Obama girl did down in Alabama.

    I think you and her have a lot in common….

  10. Mike w. says:

    The average gun owner probably never goes to the range and rarely handles his gun. This guy cannot help but get nervous and shaky, heart pounding, adrenalin beginning to pump.

    And surely you know this due to your wealth of experience right?

    Give me a break. That’s the thing about guns, they can be used effectively even by people with little experience and no formal training.