Police Protection in the UK

If you need the police in the United Kingdom, the police will get to you, maybe, in three hours if it’s really important, but three days if it’s not.  But not to fear, they say they won’t automatically prosecute people who defend themselves now.  It kind of makes you wonder if someone in Jolly England breaks into your home and attacks you, if it wouldn’t be better to just shoot the bastard, and bury him in the back yard.  I mean, it seems you’d have plenty of time before the police showed up.

2 thoughts on “Police Protection in the UK”

  1. Well… This is to be a nation-wide policy. So it has to cover districts where it may be an hour’s drive from the station to the place of the incident – and that is assuming there is a car (and cop) available immediately.

    And it will make urban forces, where stations may be under five miles from each other (heck, in fairly rinky-dink Providence RI downtown police “stations” are less than one mile from each other downtown, if you include one-officer bicycle stations) look great for consistently beating the 3-hour bit more than 60% of the time (/snark).

    Which, of course, is why it should not be a national policy. But that is the system there, so waddahay.

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