Washingtonians Show Up

Looks like Washingtonians showed up in large numbers to oppose the proposed “assault weapons” ban in their state. This is over a bill that didn’t have much of a chance of getting out of committee. When are the anti-gun people going to face the fact that this issue is not a winning one for them? Back in 2004, the Bradys promised we’d see a half dozen or so states pass their own ban if the federal ban were allowed to expire. They’ve passed exactly zero. In a decade, there has been absolutely no traction on this issue anywhere — even if their safe states. It’s time to admit defeat and move on.

4 thoughts on “Washingtonians Show Up”

  1. When your job is to promote the infringement of rights, you try and try and try to infringe rights.

    What is there in that not to understand?

  2. Mikee,

    If they were smart they would try something else. Always change a loosing strategy. Never change a winning strategy. They are currently loosing.

    The “Assault Weapon” issue isn’t working. They tried it at the national level and the data showed it did nothing good. And now enough people realize it was a fraud that success is going to be very difficult to come by. They also would probably loose in the courts if they were able to get it passed into law.


    Thanks for the link.

  3. NP… I’ve been deficient in linking/reading other blogs due to an unbelievable work load. Unfortunately, by the time I check things are stale. I figured I’d check to see if you had anything to say about that story.

  4. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! You absolutely want the brady bunch to continue to push “assault weapons” bans. They are a proven LUSER! It’s much better when the anti’s show themselves as the psychotic LUSERS that they are.

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