Constables Not the do Nothing Job Many Assume

There’s been speculation among Pennsylvania gun nuts that getting yourself elected Constable, which isn’t hard in a lot of areas, was a shortcut to being able to own Title II firearms (machine guns, etc), and a quick ticket to a nationwide carry permit. This always hinges on the belief that being a Constable is a do nothing job. But it turns out it’s not.

One Response to “Constables Not the do Nothing Job Many Assume”

  1. If you read the same article I did, being a constable appears to be greatly variable in the workload it requires. If you have a reputation for being an oxygen thief, judges aren’t going to give you work. You won’t have a lot to do and definitely won’t make a living doing the job. But if all you’re looking for is the title and legal perks, you might not have a problem with that.