Eugene Volokh examines a suggestion for protecting expensive camera equipment: put a starter pistol in the case so it’s declared as a firearm, that way it’s less likely to be lost. The declaration tag goes in the case, so it’s not apparent from the outside that any particular case contains a firearm. That’s by design. Once it clears the TSA check, which happens in the beginning of the baggage handling process, no one else down the chain is aware whether or not a case contains a firearm. If this method works, I suspect it’s purely by coincidence.

4 thoughts on “Skeptical”

  1. I’m not sure if it goes into “the system” as having a firearm, but if so, it might be bumped to the top of the priority list if it’s ever lost.

    Even so, the main advantage as I understand it is that one can then lock the luggage with non-TSA-approved locks (i.e. regular padlocks), which prevents the TSA or baggage handlers from snooping through your bags.

  2. Yea, the protection is being allowed to escort your bags personaly to the inspection station, witness the inspection, and watch them be resealed and locked.

    The protection is from careless handling, and stickyfingered inspectors.

  3. Rifleman got the main thing – you can, in fact you must, use non-TSA locks on containers with firearms inside.

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