Netflix + Wii = Goodbye Comcast

So now that it’s finally official, I think Comcast can expect our cancellation shortly after this goes live. Or sooner. Mix it in with a bundle that Verizon is willing to offer so that we get discounts on the phone & basic tv service, and there’s absolutely no justification for Comcast’s high prices.

Since my last Netflix-related post was unexpectedly popular, here are more topics for discussion:

  • The Warner Bros. Compromise: Good or Bad?
  • Wii Streaming: Will you use it if you don’t already stream through another method?
  • Lost: Ana Lucia’s Finally Dead to Me! Yay!

My own answers will start the comments.

14 thoughts on “Netflix + Wii = Goodbye Comcast”

  1. The one thing missing from IP video streaming sources (Netflix,, Boxee, etc.) is live coverage and short-notice updates. Breaking news is my biggest concern, as internet sources thereof are annoyingly lacking, and the urgency is compelling. Would that we could get FoxNews, CNN, or whatever (biases are subordinate to getting _something_) via the web.

  2. The Warner Bros. Compromise: Good or Bad?

    Fine for us. We’re not people who just itch to see the latest movie. The last movie we saw in theaters was 2012, and that was because it was to see the final work of a friend who passed away. Before that, we didn’t really do movies at the theater and rarely even watched them on OnDemand unless they were free. If it means more streaming content & lower prices for Netflix, it’s fine by us.

    Wii Streaming: Will you use it if you don’t already stream through another method?

    Duh. We don’t have another method other than computer. But this makes the bailing out from traditional cable certain. Sure, it’s not HD, but most Netflix streaming isn’t HD either.

    Lost: Ana Lucia’s Finally Dead to Me! Yay!

    Sebastian was really busy and couldn’t watch episodes with me for a while. So we’re kind of behind schedule. But, now that we’ve bumped all of Lost over to streaming, we have the option to move faster, regardless of the postal system. If we can get 3 episodes in before bed, then great.

    We’re 3 episodes in to Season 3. I was so happy when Ana Lucia finally bought it. Sad that Libby had to go, too. I would have liked to know more about her back story since she was the nutcase playing the shrink & the widow with a boat. If Michael ever shows up again, I think the other passengers can do anything & it’s justified. Sorry to Walt, but your dad is a murderer. He directly killed 2 & lead 4 to what he could reasonably assume is their death based on what information he had. Sawyer can still take his shirt off more, even if he does get stupid when he’s naked. Seriously, he couldn’t figure out that Ana Lucia was just after the gun & trying to distract him with the sex? I thought he was a good con man before that.

  3. Hm…no disc required to stream netflix to my XBox360. The update came automatically via my XBox Live account. I activated the XBox at the netflix site and when I select a movie to stream using my computer, it automagically shows up on my XBox.

    Ditto for my Blu-Ray players. Give them an ethernet connection and stream from Netflix.

  4. Comcast has a commercial service, unlimited phone service with tons of cool features, There Internet just flys. And I know they can give you a commercial Static IP now! They have better speeds than Verizon.
    You need to call them and start consolidating your services.
    I have Comcast in my home. I have had Verizon. Comcast was/is way better IMHO! One bill. I like that, too.
    Plus with VOD, and all that free stuff?

    1. I had to do a doubletake to make sure your email address wasn’t there, Danny. Sorry, Comcast wasn’t willing to work with us for any meaningful reduction when I called about reducing our bill last summer. With Netflix, it far surpasses any benefit to OnDemand. Besides, did you miss the point where I said we rarely use it? I think we’ve paid for a whooping two OnDemand videos – one when my mom was here and we didn’t have anywhere to rent, and the other was curiosity with Gran Torino. That’s hardly usage we’d miss with Netflix + streaming.

      Plus, what do you mean “they have better speeds than Verizon”? Did you not read the post where Sebastian gave specifics of the package we’re now getting from Verizon? Not even Comcast’s very top of the tier service can meet that. With Verizon, there’s still room to upgrade if we need more – not that we will.

  5. Sure thing.. I read it all!! There is a secret to getting Comcast to reduce your rate. Call and tell them you are going to go to Verizon if they don’t!
    Now I have a Comcast Business class speed of 50 down and 10 up It comes with Phone features galore and Basic Cable they throw in free!

  6. Danny, that speed is still less than what we’re getting from Verizon. It’s gotta add up, and Comcast does not.

    And yes, I already told them our next phone call would be to cancel if they didn’t find a lower rate. They still could not deliver. Verizon can.

  7. @Melancton – The reason for that is because MS paid Netflix the big bux to be the only ones whose console could run the Netflix software for the first couple of years. Then someone at Netflix went back to their contract and noticed that the software had to be running off the console to count per the terms of the contract and came up with the idea of the DVD. At least, that’s the case for the PS3. In the Wii’s case it actually needs the DVD because there’s not enough native memory on the thing.

  8. I like the this.. been kicking around the idea of a netflix sub for a while.. was even thinking of Roku.. but this makes the flix sub a slam dunk, already have the hardware.

  9. I can’t stream Netflix, my Verizon service is too slow. They do have 24 hour tech support though. “Greg” in the Philippines “is be happy to assist you”.

  10. Just ordered my disk. Already stream through a Blue Ray in our bedroom. Now we can also watch through the Wii in the TV room!

    The Wife and I have not had TV of any sorts for about 10+ years. Don’t miss it. Even breaking news, you can read the stories online, or simply pop over to local Cable New TV station’s website and stream it on your computer. Do you really need to be on a comfy couch to watch the news?

    I gotta say I was a total Gamer in my youth, but felt I’d out grown it. The Wii is such a utilitarian piece of hardware, that it appears to have grown up with me!

    1. It will be interesting to see how many disks go out initially. Apparently, the first mailing of PS3 disks was about 100,000. But with Wii being a much more common device, I’m sure demand will be even higher. I put in my reservation really early – before most Netflix fan sites had the link posted. Of course, if I were Netflix, I would instead prioritize it by people who have never used streaming before on anything. Those are the ones you can likely save the most money with right off the bat.

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