The Growing Influence of Former Massachusetts Residents

NRA-ILA is reporting that New Hampshire is considering adding a whole lot of places you can’t carry. It’s been a long time since any state proposed restricting concealed carry. I’m thinking that the Democrats aren’t going to last long in the Granite State. New Hampshire is about as gun friendly as it gets.

4 thoughts on “The Growing Influence of Former Massachusetts Residents”

  1. After Vermont, I’d put NH as tied with Alaska for #2. Alaska doesn’t require a permit to carry, New Hampshire simply requires $10 and a NICS Check (AKA: Why Bother?)

    AK has a bunch of restricted areas like bars and such, NH, no worries.

  2. I just mailed Gun Owners of NH 20 bucks to help defer their costs for this!

  3. The Democrats in Concord know their days in power are numbered, just like their counterparts in DC. They know they’ve got one last shot to get as much left-wing, nanny state nonsense pushed down our throats before we send them back to the bench.

  4. The really need to round up this transplanted Massholes and send them back to Massholechusetts.

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