Little Black Book of Fighting

Dr. Helen offers a review of a book that might be of interest to gun owners:

It begins with a section entitled, “Before Violence Occurs” that shares a good first rule of self defense: “Don’t get hit.” The authors talk about how to avoid situations or locations where violence is more likely to occur. These places include traveling through the wrong neighborhoods, hanging out with the wrong people, or frequenting the wrong night spots, and/or acting inappropriately in these places. The authors–two experienced martial artists–point out that there is almost always a build-up to violence, one that many people are not aware of. They teach you to have situational awareness without being paranoid or mentally exhausting yourself. They discuss simple tips like when it’s time to leave a party before violence escalates. It’s good advice, especially for young men who often have to learn how to deal with aggression, even if they don’t want to.

Read the whole thing.