Article II Lives!

SayUncle points to an amusing mishap over at Field and Stream, in what’s an otherwise decent article on rifles in the past decade:

The Supreme Court’s Keller decision. Article II lives!

Yes, he’s going to find out just how alive Article II is if the Obama Administration starts implementing Mayor Bloomberg’s Blueprint to Prevent Gun Ownership.

2 thoughts on “Article II Lives!”

  1. LOL. Well, it is the Second Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States….while calling it Article II is imprecise and potentially confusing, it’s not technically inaccurate.

    Lets hear it for MSM and their layers and layers of editorial oversight!

  2. Article II is distinct from the Second Amendment, which would have been “Article the Fourth” under the original amendments to the Constitution proposed by the First Congress. “Article the Second” actually became the 27th Amendment when it was ratified by Ohio in 1992.

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