Joe Lieberman Backing Away From Dems

A few days ago Politico ran a story about how Lieberman was going to block Harry Reid’s plan on Health Care, and now he says he’s going to back Republicans in the 2010 elections. Someone in the Dem leadership or in the White House must have pissed in his Wheaties for him to take it this far.

6 thoughts on “Joe Lieberman Backing Away From Dems”

  1. Someone got a little too complacent about the actual Dem majority after 2006 or the supermajority after 2008 and said the wrong thing?

  2. Well, they did support that Lamont nut against him in 2006 and he’s not much of a fan of Obama’s foreign policy, plus they stripped his committee chair because he supported McCain, so he basically has no reason to support them whatsoever. He already defeated a challenge from the left, so they can’t scare him (and he theoretically won’t face a primary challenge, since he’s an ID, not a D). He’s a moderate Democrat on most issues (a little too liberal on spending stuff, though that seems to be changing), and he sees how the bosses treat moderates.

  3. I had forgotten they stripped him of his committee chairs. That was probably it.

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if after the 2010 elections, Lieberman votes to give Republicans the margin needed to regain majority control of the U.S. Senate? I know, I know, it’s a longshot for Republicans to win that many races, but it’s fun to speculate.

  5. …or maybe he finally realized that the Democrat party has been taken over by socialists.

  6. Problem is, Lieberman is a Democrat. However, nearly the entire Democrat party moved to the left and became socialists. Leaving Lieberman still a Democrat. Just with a lot more in common with Republicans (who have really become the Democrat party).

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