Stench of Desperation

It seems like the Brady camp is getting desperate. They’ve seen Democrats pass pro-gun legislation, Obama silently sign a carry law, Blue Dogs putting the brakes on a progressive agenda over gun rights, and generally not been able to advance their cause even though their favored party and stalwarts are in the House leadership and administration.

At this point, they are whining that Democrats are putting the fun back in fundraising by hosting the event at NRA offices with a Laser Shot system.

What’s next? I presume protesting outside Nintendo offices for their legacy of 25 years of death & destruction.

3 Responses to “Stench of Desperation”

  1. beatbox says:

    The only smart thing Brady did with this was wait until the 3rd to complain about it. If they had bitched about it before hand, it before hand, I might of attended.

    As it is, I am going to toss him $50, and let him know why.

    As a Democrat, it frustrates me with how out of touch the party leadership continues to be on this issue.

  2. beatbox says:

    Contribution made ;-)

    Thanks Brady Campaign!! I would not have known about this guy unless you whined about him!!!

  3. Lamont says:

    Jeez, I gotta win the lottery.