Pennsylvania Welcomes Obama

So Obama is nearby today, hitting up the Lehigh Valley to tell people what they already know: the economy sucks and we wish companies were hiring again. But being the kind folks they are, Pennsylvanians had a few welcome notes for the President. From @Capitol_Ideas:

Sign outside Burger King on Rte. 309: “Welcome Pres. Obama. Stimulate us. Try a Whopper.”

I would give Obama big props if the Presidential limo actually pulled through and ordered some Whoppers.

Then you have a soco mixing messages, but in a good way. I probably would not agree on policy with this person, but it’s very good to relate your pet issue to the big issues of the time:

Another Sign: “Abortion Kills Future American Taxpayers.”

6 Responses to “Pennsylvania Welcomes Obama”

  1. Alex says:

    And future American criminals.

  2. DCDC says:

    Oh I am sure he would have gone in and ordered burgers if he could. He did just that in DC. Zipping the smaller ‘surprise visit’ motorcade over to Five Guys. He went in, ordered 15 burgers, chatted with customers, and left.

    Michelle popped into another burger joint around the corner from me not to long ago.

    I think it is great they are doing that stuff. Bush pretty much locked himself in the White House for 8 years.

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    Burger King doesn’t put Dijon Mustard on their burgers.

  4. BobG says:

    He’s ordered a Whopper, and the Senate is wrangling over it now…

  5. Sad to say, while abortion probably does remove disproportionate criminals, it also does remove the people that are likely to pay for Social Security, too. Of course, at least one study concludes that while abortion reduced birth rates, there was an increase in unintended pregnancies coincident with Roe v. Wade. The net effect was a decline in population, but not as much as the raw abortion numbers would suggest. Donohue (who isn’t our friend) acknowledged that when you take away the risk, you also take away incentives to avoid the risk.

  6. Ymal Brucker says:

    Being a male, I don’t have a dog in the abortion race. I recognize there are good and heart-felt reasons on both side.

    That said, I have to come down in favor of abortion because it reduces the number of liberals among us – progressives getting abortions is equivalent to eating the seed corn.

    For more information, see “Roe Effect.”