Pigeon Shooting

We haven’t heard much about the bill banning pigeon shoots, but I suspect now we will begin hearing about it once again. That Philadelphia Club is going to end up being the reason why we end up with a ban. I am not a fan of the sport, but I think a ban is improper, and I don’t trust HSUS not to try to get more. Pigeons are disease carrying vermin, and I don’t have much love for them either. For that matter, so is Wayne Pacelle :)

5 thoughts on “Pigeon Shooting”

  1. A ban because of them? Quit being such a naysayer – they are simply normalizing the idea of using live animals for target practice.

  2. +1. What’s the point of being against a ban, but advocating others not to do it?

    That’s like being pro-gun but advising people not to buy or own them…

  3. Except I’m not pro-pigeon shooting, and wouldn’t claim to be. If everyone across the Commonwealth stopped doing it, I wouldn’t cry over it. I’m just against the government making shooting pigeons a criminal act, and sightly more concerned about giving HSUS a victory.

  4. Hey all,look up the Hegins,Pa pigeon shoots. They went on for DECADES,raised tons of cash for worthy causes,and were as normal as a cup of coffee. And really,HSUS can jump off a cliff…


  5. I read the article. I can see the issue of a neighbors property littered with dead birds as a legitimate complaint. The issue of gun fire being illegal to a a gun club is contradictory and probably a false herring.

    I personally have no objection to live shoots and probably would like to do it sometime.

    However I object to the idea that it is better to refrain from an activity to prevent it becoming illegal. There really is no difference from refraining from an activity because of fear or because it is illegal.

    I do understand that it is better to to not have a law enacted than to repeal it.

    This is a battle over hunting and the issue of killing animals and birds for sport. HSUS thinks all killing is wrong. There has to be a a major push back of that argument.

    England banned fox hunting and yet the more and more are doing the sport is defiance. The prohunting interests failed to get together to prevent the ban and now have to get it repealed by public defiance of a bad law.

    I hope this gun club has big pockets to fight back and lobby for their right to exist and do live shoots. Whether they have a good case or not , I do not know. Hunters better understand they are under attack by the HSUS and need allies in the target shooters and to work to keep their hobbies and sports from being picked off one by one on the local level.

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