No Questions Asked?

Paul says anyone can go into any gun show and buy a gun no questions asked, despite the fact that their own video repeatedly shows sellers asking questions about residency and age in order to assess whether or not sellers are eligible, which require sales to be to residents of the same state, and be over 18 years old. Private sellers are unable to run background checks on buyers by law.

13 thoughts on “No Questions Asked?”

  1. “No questions asked.”

    He keeps using that phrase. I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

  2. Helmke and his buds have never been concerned about reality nor the truth. I’m at a loss to remember when they’ve EVER said anything that was true.

  3. I wonder if Colin had permission from the show organizers to videotape on their premises? I’ve requested permission to take pictures at The Nation’s Gun Show and never received it. So if he took video without permission, couldn’t he be sued by the show organizers? Same would go for Wintermute for the same reason. Or Bloomberg for that matter?

  4. “Private sellers are unable to run background checks on buyers by law.”

    Chapter and verse, please? I’d like to add the info to my databanks.

  5. The shows are open to the public, I would doubt there is any legal privacy interest available to allow a cause of legal action to proceed.

  6. Peter:

    Should I be worried? Is there something about Colin Goddard I should know? They looked like run of the mill private transactions to me, and Colin and his buddies certainly aren’t the types of people who are going to set off alarm bells.

    Look, I am not unsympathetic to the idea of background checks, but as I mentioned here, even if we could manage to find common ground, what would came out of the other end of the digestive tract known as the political process would be less than what either of us wanted. You’d be using your allies in Congress to get a bill as restrictive as you could make it, and we’d be using ours try to limit those restrictions, and fix other things we thought were broken.

    Regardless of how anyone might feel about background checks, it just doesn’t make any sense to put gun rights up to the political process once again on a major issue if we don’t have to. Surely you have to be aware that from our point of view that’s the rational thing. Given what you had to accept to get the last NICS bill through Congress, it might even be the rational thing for you too.

  7. What makes me even more queasy, Mr. Hamm, is that fools like you want to keep me disarmed in case one of the individuals you saw in the video really IS a felon and decides to attack me.

    Self-defense is not playing judge, jury, and executioner. I hope you can get that into that brain of yours that’s been so muddled by whatever rubbish you call “compassion.”

    If someone waving a knife or a gun at you in a threatening manner isn’t enough for you to justify your life being in mortal danger, then I have no more words for you.

  8. I think you might be confusing Peter with Bryan Miller. It was Bryan who said the “judge jury, executioner” line in a subsequent post.

  9. Thanks, Sebastian. Count me as someone who DOES think there’s common ground, that we CAN bridge the gulf, that we CAN speak to each other civilly. And we supported the NICS bill with the Coburn language. We took some guff from some of the other groups, but we were fine with it.

    AntiCitizen, the violent guys who can buy guns by just SAYING they’re state residents and over 18 and just don’t happen to have their driver’s license with them are a threat to you as well as the rest of us.

  10. Come on, people – don’t be in total denial! Look at the video – look at the sales – tell me that they don’t make you a little queasy!

    Peter, unlike you I don’t need to look at a video that was obviously made with a goal in mind. You and I both know that I could take a camera and a mic and an editing suite and turn out a documentary on how the board of the Brady Center was generally in favor of child sacrifice, complete with supporting quotes. Who handled post on that mess? Leni Riefenstahl and a ouija board?

    I’ve been working at and attending gun shows on pretty much a monthly basis since 1993. I don’t need your help to know what goes on there.

  11. Peter:

    But if you could have gotten a bill without that language, you would have also been fine with that. So would a lot of your other allies in Congress. You no doubt also would have been fine with a bill that had a new AWB in it too. And you can see why we’re not really willing to deal.

  12. Wow, six days of the Brady Campaign’s video being up and they’ve had 1,651 views. That’s gotta suck. I get more hits on a bad joke before noon, and I’m a tiny blog.

    Imagine what I could do with all that sweet, sweet Joyce Foundation cash! I could go to the frickin’ Bahamas AND turn out a crappy video that nobody watches every now and then!

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