14 thoughts on “Health Care Passes House”

  1. This passes the senate I start playing by my rules as they’ll have lost any legitimacy. Every law on the books goes out the window.

  2. Adding up the health care bill, cap and trade and the general trend of local regulations and taxes, I don’t know whether to cry or rage. I don’t make all that much, and this is still going to hit me in the pocketbook. I don’t _want_ government health care any more than I want government retirement (which won’t be there for me anyway). All I want is to keep most of what I make so I can save and manage it myself. And these (often wealthy themselves) liberals keep raising the tax and regulatory burden so someone on the way up can never get ahead.

    I’m self-employed, and I’m starting to realize I was a chump for going that route. Should’ve applied to the post office or the DMV ten years ago. I’ve got some time left to figure out how to make more, but at my current income I risk retiring broke to pay the freight on satisfying the aesthetic preferences and moral posturing of liberals.

    I’m not as brave as Tom. I plan on getting through somehow. But if they keep pushing, they’re going to reach the point where they’re taking _everything_ away from people, and at that point we will see more Toms.

  3. Since the gun-phobics have branded firearms as a “health hazard” in the past, they would certainly again classify them as such with a government-run health care system. This will perhaps be their entire rationale to completely gut the Second Amendment, after it gets “reinterpreted” by a Supreme Court packed with another liberal like Sonia Sotomayor, of course.

  4. Tom says, “Every law on the books goes out the window.”

    Dave says, “they’re going to reach the point where they’re taking _everything_ away from people.”

    Do you think you’re being a bit melodramatic? Are you exaggerating on purpose? These kinds of remarks sound hysterical to me.

    Sebastian, why does this have to be stopped in the Senate? Is it what Ronnie said about guns possibly being deemed a “health hazard?” Or are you as alarmed about this as your other commenters for other reasons? It’s kinda funny because in our gun control discussions, I’m often accused of being hysterical and exaggerating based on “feelings.” That’s exactly what this sounds like to me.

  5. “We have to stop this in the Senate now.”
    Why do you hate poor Americans?
    Why do you hate uninsured Americans?
    Why are you in love with – and doing the leg work for – the big insurance companies and their platinum-plated COEs?
    Why have the private insurers done their business as usual with “bureaucrats”, “rationing”, and “death panels” – for DECADES – without a fucking peep from you?

    1. Scott, do you not find the joke in you, a tax collector, arguing for more taxes to collect? Are you simply trying to create some more job security for yourself?

  6. Isn’t this latest “health care reform” bill the version which eliminates the indexing of income tax brackets for inflation? Well golly gee, we really are returning to the Carter era!

  7. I’m not going to hyperventilate until I know what is in the bill. Personally, I think we do need a national form of health insurance because what we have now makes us uncompetitive with the rest of the world in terms of jobs and business.

    Regarding guns as a “health hazard.” I think they are right to include it as a health hazard just as much as they look at zip codes to determine your auto insurance rates. If they can zone other insurance rates, then health insurance should be zoned too.

  8. Start hyperventlating, windex1.

    I guarantee you will not know what’s in this bill until it’s dead or signed. It’s all a part of the recent trend in “transparency”.

    I fully expect to lose my Medical Savings Account and have my medical record digitised and made available to bureaucrats for the flimsiest reasons.

    Did they slip in abortion funding? Coverage for illegals? I have no idea.

    I do know, however, that celerities, the ultra-rich, and congress-critters will always be able to talk leave of absence for “dehydration”, fly off to a private clinic in say Switzerland, and have incriminating evidence removed from their anatomy.

  9. “We have to stop this in the Senate now.”

    We should try, but I have one word for you – and Reid has already threatened it: Reconciliation.

  10. the vote was a great win…

    For the socialist.

    What to do. Make a list. Start with those that voted Yea. Most of them are truly anchored in their position. Cast those off the list that defeating them is not practical. This will no doubt be a much shorter list. You might want to include those that had a tough primary fight Then support anyone running against them in their primary. The lone republican? yes force him to pull a Spector and change his party or face defeat.

  11. Scott:

    You have no idea what’s i this bill, because you didn’t read it. Neither did most of the assholes who voted for it. I am not categorically opposed to health care reform, I’m opposed to this health care reform.

    You want to make real points, by all means do. But pretty clearly you’re just here to spew nonsense rather than have a serious discussion.

  12. MikeB:

    I’m alarmed about bankrupting a country that’s already running a deficit into the stratosphere. I’m alarmed Congress is passing a bill no one has read. I’m very alarmed that this is going to destroy the industry I work in, and destroy the economy.

    My concerns about the bill have nothing to do with guns.

  13. “Why do you hate poor Americans?
    Why do you hate uninsured Americans?”


    Your ignorance/stupidity is just mind boggling here. I put myself through college, and had no insurance while I did so. Since you can only get insurance that covers for everything, instead of something that’s just there for accidents, it was too expensive. Pelosi’s “solution” to everything is to just require everyone to pay for insurance. I would have never been able to get my degree if that had been in place back then, because I couldn’t have afforded both tuition and health insurance.

    This bill, if passed, would actually make things much worse for people who are poor and uninsured, since not having insurance will give you two options: pay a tax of 2.5% of your income, or go to jail. Repeat offenses are a felony.


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