Shameless Revenue Generating

Baltimore is creating school zones out of thin air in order to install traffic cameras to raise revenue for the cash strapped city:

The city’s plan is to take a number of roads that are within the legally required distance to a school but are in areas where children do not regularly walk. Baltimore will install “school zone” signs on these roads for the sole purpose of meeting the legal requirement that the speed cameras be used only in a school zone. The new zones include Charles Street at Lake Avenue, Northern Parkway at Greenspring, Pulaski Highway at Monument Street and Roland Avenue at West Cold Spring.

I agree with this bloggers take on these zones being detrimental to public safety.

3 thoughts on “Shameless Revenue Generating”

  1. eh, it’ll just cause more accidents. i’m glad i no longer work near Northern/Greenspring…that would be a hell of a traffic snafu. there’s a few red light cameras around there that already cause a large amount of traffic fail.

    and that’s in addition to just how much our drivers suck.

    god i need out of this city.

  2. I lived about a mile from the intersection of Charles & Lake. The city of Baltimore is as a rotten apple that clings to the tree into the winter; it has nowhere to go but down, and will never be anything other than corruption.

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