5 thoughts on “Last Refuge of Scoundrels”

  1. Those tend to run their course. Many have been removed when, surprise! driver behavior alters and the revenue stream drops.

    Of course, I’m a little torn. I mean, yes, it’s The Man coming down… but, then again, if you ran it, you ran it. I’ve seen the evidence (not mine!) from one of those, and it’s pretty damning.

    No excuse for proper fiscal prudence.

  2. too bad that most of the studies, ignore the increase in cost due to increased accidents, and i wonder how one would be allowed to face his accuser in this case, would the camera or the road appear on the stand?

    Its too bad that i have been falsely accused by red light cameras, and if i was not able to show that the camera was setup wrong, and was not working correctly, and that i had my own video of the drive, to include the red light camera flash, showing that my lane had the green light, i would have had to pay out ~300 euros! and lets not look at the increased cost of insurance.

    I bet that ever location that they put up the cameras are not the high accident locations, they never are, because its not about safety! If it was about safety they would just make the double yellow longer, going from 2 to 2.5 seconds massively reduces accident rates.

    I also bet that any increase in state/city revenue is lost/offset by increased hospital cost due to the increase in accidents, that their own reports state will happen!

  3. I just got a ticket on the boulevard in Philly the other day. I should pay it in pennies!

  4. If the Red Light cameras are truely there to keep people from running red lights and saving lives then there should be enormous signs before the intersection warning drivers that the cameras are there, that would be a true deterrent from running the lights not ticketing them after the fact, the deeds already been done and the potential for lose of life has already past. In the town I live in where they have installed cameras they are not making the most money from red light runners but from people failing to stop at some vague stop line before making a right turn on red.

  5. “Of course, I’m a little torn. I mean, yes, it’s The Man coming down… but, then again, if you ran it, you ran it. ”

    The founders of this country gave you the right to face your accuser because of an intersection of principal and history that is as relevant today as it was two hundred years ago. This technology doesn’t replace or supersede that need, it circumvents an important check of power.

    Where are all the teenagers?

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