10 thoughts on “Unbelievable”

  1. Heh – I own “the weapon of choice for British Gangsters”. That having been said, God Bless the anti-federalists and their Bill of Rights!

    And good on the legal depositors for fighting back

  2. Unbelievable – except it is the Nanny State.

    Somewhat similar kinds of things happened in the US when Roosevelt banned the private possession of gold. People who tried to get their gold out of safety deposit boxes were arrested.

  3. “This kind of thing shouldn’t go on in a free society.”

    It didn’t happen in a free society; it’s the UK.

  4. That is government theft plain and simple. This will lead people to burying their valuables and also lead people thinking the UK is Nazi Germany police tactics.

    That was unbelievable. Keep you valuables at home in a safe buried in concrete seems to be the answer.

  5. The US simply doesn’t do it in scale, but it happens. Civil Asset Forfeiture laws are abused here all the time.

  6. The Met just ruined half their criminal cases with such sloppy work. What a mess! But then again, this is JOE, the land-of-the-no-longer-free.
    This, by rights, should cost the Met Police much more then they hoped to gain. And if there were any REAL justice, it would NOT end up being paid by the taxpayer. But again, this is JOE, the land of the sheeple/serfs.
    At least SOME of the boxholders are fighting back for the right. And some of them have been there, done that. So I wonder how long it will be before they leave England the same way they did Europe during WWII?

    Makes one want to rent a box, just to set up a stinkbomb booby trap. . . . . Just sayin’.

  7. But the place where great britian used to be isn’t a free society. It’s a soft totalitarianism and the people there kid themselves when they say they are free. So is the state induced mindset.

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