Thinking Strategically

Jim Shepherd has a rundown of various attempts to get guns into the mainstream media outlets as of late. We all know about the recent Bushmaster Maxim ad, but others in the outdoor communication world have been beating down that path of new outlets for a while now. And we may see some payoff soon:

But the challenges of convincing other networks to carry outdoor programming – especially programming that’s not strictly fishing and hunting, is a constant struggle. Fox Sports, for example, won’t accept “gun shows” on their national network. Despite that refusal, they will their regional networks to accept those shows. Others, like ESPN, will accept hunting shows, but have absolutely nothing to do with handguns or pure shooting. In both instances, execs say it’s an owner’s policy (Disney owns ESPN), but don’t seem inclined to buck the trend.

Next year, however, the obvious concern of average Americans over their personal safety isn’t being ignored. A new two-hour programming block dedicated to the topic of self-defense, awareness and crime avoidance will air on a network that has not accepted any prior shooting programming.

We’re not cleared to say much more about it, but having seen the demo and spoken with sponsors already committed to the programming, it looks like one more step toward breaking down some resistance to shooting programming will happen. This programming block seems well-considered and a represents a significant breakthrough in getting elemental gun issues before the general viewing public. It’s also part of a broad media strategy, something that seems an afterthought for many other programs.

With a serious media strategy, there’s a good chance it can work.

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  1. I was told Henry Rifles were running some ads in mainstream media. I don’t watch much network stuff and haven’t seen any but they of course have a nice TV spot on the Outdoor Channel. Wonder if it is the same spot running elsewhere?

  2. I just hope it’s not on a cable-only channel; I’m doing my best to hold out on Cable TV until I can get a pay-per-channel setup. Now that the monopolies have been broken locally, we’re one step closer, but I’d really hate to miss out on good programming such as this because I don’t feel like paying for all the useless crap.

  3. I recall seeing Front Sight Challenge on the Versus network. I don’t think it plays anymore and I’m not sure what reach the network has but that seemed like a good pairing.

    Maybe the shows should start on cable first. Discovery or History or the like. If we’re enjoying shows like Deadliest Warrior, there’s probably a similar audience for shooting programs.

  4. Front Sight and Kel-Tec are running ads on the Michael Savage Show.

    Last night Comedy Central started The Jeff Dunham Show, which had a trip to a shooting range. Considering the source they gave fair treatment, which included part of a safety lecture.

    And from the Travel Channel:

  5. mgallo, my friend, trust me when I tell you that you will never see a PPV model for standard programming.

    You have no reason to trust me, but I kid you not.
    Maybe you can stream it on your computer, but it will not be a television option in your lifetime.(And I have no idea how old you are)

    I am surprised that no venders of product has not attempted to get into the Video on Demand space of the cable companies though. There might not be any linear carriage, but programming junks with commercial interdicted in them could be a good business model. Wish I had a few dollars to invest in the time.

  6. I hear Kel-Tec commercials on one of our AM Talk Radio stations here in Tulsa. Plays during the Washington Times Radio Show between 5AM and 6AM. So I guess it could be a national feed rather than a local feed.

    Gotta admit, I didn’t even think anything about it the first time I heard it.

    But when you think about it, it is really amazing.

    And I really like the Henry commercials. So much so, I went to their site immedialely and requested a catalog.

    Sign of the times???

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