You Have to be From Philly to Get This Joke

Gizmodo is featuring these fun fire screens where you can have the city of Rome, or City of London silhouetting your fire.  First commenter on this says:

As a Philly native, I’m holding out for the Ogontz Ave. rowhomes, circa 1985.

Not very tasteful, but then again, neither is the city. For those of you not familiar, see here. BTW, it was Osage Ave, not Ogontz.

6 thoughts on “You Have to be From Philly to Get This Joke”

  1. I will always be backdoor linked to that Osage Ave. event. I sold 2 Mossberg Shotguns to Delbert Africa, who was using a stolen DL with the name John or James English.(Remember when they didn’t have pictures?) I don’t really remember the sales event, other than remembering the Philly detectives showing me the 2-4473 forms I had filled out. Even when they showed me the dreadlocked hair pictures, I was not reminded of that man. I’m sure they didn’t look like that the day they were in Edelmans Gun Shop in Newtown Square.

  2. Didn’t they spend like a million per home rebuilding the houses only to have them sink and fall apart?

    My link is a little distant, my aunt used to own the 3 houses to the left of the MOVE home. She moved to “up town” to Olney in the early 70’s when the neighborhood started to go down.

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