More Communists in the White House

Well, I guess we already had one, what’s another? Can we all agree that we ought not have people in the White House who look to mass murderers when it comes to seeking guidance? Why is it OK to say you look up to Chairman Mao? If she had said the same thing about Hitler, what would the reaction have been?

She needs to be fired. There is no room for people like this in the American government.

6 thoughts on “More Communists in the White House”

  1. Wow. That’s going to be a pretty hard one to spin in a positive light. I wonder who will replace her haha

  2. The vilification of the Nazis (well deserved) while avoiding a similar fate for Communism, despite killing more people, has to be one of the greatest PR wins in the history of the world.

    The fact that someone can express admiration for Mao, Che or any other mass murderer without being publicly shunned shows that the PR campaign is ongoing.

    Unfortunately there are always more useful idiots.

  3. Unfortunately the head commie in the white house will still be there and this comunist-loving ^&$%& will be giving him her input whether she’s paid by us taxpayers directly(as a civil servant) or indirectly(through SIEU/acorn or some other trough feeding dhimmi enterprise)

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