Can You Tell She’s Running for Governor?

Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to file a brief in McDonald. But I don’t mean to be too cynical. This is a vitally important effort, and it will be a tremendous help in showing the political branches are behind the Court ruling in favor of McDonald. Hutchison deserves credit for spearheading the effort.

2 thoughts on “Can You Tell She’s Running for Governor?”

  1. Sebastian, I wrote about this story today too. But, I didn’t know she was running for governor.

    I agree with you that the Supreme Court decision coming up will be very important for both sides of the debate. Helmke seems to be downplaying that importance, I’m not sure why. I’ve read the suggestions that he’s hedging his bets expecting to lose. That may be.

  2. Helmke is downplaying its importance because that’s his job. He can’t come out and say “incorporation of the 2A will effectively render the Brady Campaign powerless, by putting us on the legal defensive for decades.”

    Regarding the amicus brief, recall that 55 Senators, 250 Representatives, and the VP all signed on to support Heller. And this time, guess what …. ONE THIRD of all US Senate seats are up for re-election, as well as ALL US Rep seats. Watch for these people line up to demonstrate their pro second amendment bona fides! I suspect we will see an even MORE pro 2A congress come 2010.

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