“Animal Cruelty” Law in Trouble

The US v. Stevens case, which challenged a federal law that had the potential to make hunting videos illegal, was heard by the Court yesterday. SCOTUSBlog is offering some analysis, and says the law is in trouble.

2 Responses to ““Animal Cruelty” Law in Trouble”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I’m also thinking of how PETA Expose videos would fit into this.

  2. countertop says:

    The PETA expose example was brought up – by, I believe, Justice Sotomayor (who was the first justice out of the box with hard hitting questions)

    She was troubled that a PETA expose would be ok, but something on the other side advocating for dog fighting would be banned.

    The Solicitor General said thats not true – that the advocates of dog fighting could use simulated footage.

    At which point Scalia piped in that it made no sense – if they are advocating how much fun it is, they ought to be able to present footage that actually shows how much fun it is.