We’re Going to the Supreme Court

SCOTUSBlog has it.  Great news, but I’m going to be crapping thumbtacks over this until we get a positive ruling.

 After a hiatus of 68 years, the Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to rule on the meaning of the Second Amendment — the hotly contested part of the Constitution that guarantees “a right to keep and bear arms.”  Not since 1939 has the Court heard a case directly testing the Amendment’s scope — and there is a debate about whether it actually decided anything in that earlier ruling. In a sense, the Court may well be writing on a clean slate if it, in the end, decides the ultimate question: does the Second Amendment guarantee an individual right to have a gun for private use, or does it only guarantee a collective right to have guns in an organized military force such as a state National Guard unit?

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7 thoughts on “We’re Going to the Supreme Court”

  1. Hot Damn!!! I’m going to buy a new gun this turkey day just to celebrate!

  2. “You just won at the Supreme Court, what are going to do now?”

    “I’m going to Disneyland.”

    We can only hope.

  3. I like that I had to hunt for the AP Wire report on the NY Times site.

    Nothing like selective editing. Twits.

  4. No – it’s “You just won at the Supreme Court – where are you going next” – “I’m going to Daleyland”.

    After all, the guy bankrollign this already lives in FL :)

  5. Well, Florida technically has Disney World, not Disneyland.

    I suppose he could also choose to go to Euro or Tokyo Disneyland

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