All Existing Gun Owners My Eye

This Thursday at Silhouette I dropped my electronic ear muffs on the pavement while trying to open the door to the range. It killed one ear. So looking for a new pair on Midway, I notice there’s quite a lot that’s backordered. That’s what I would expect if a lot of people were just getting into shooting. But, you know, the anti-gun groups were busy telling us it was just paranoid us loons that were buying guns, not first time gun owners. I can’t believe we’re all busting electronic muffs on the pavement.

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  1. I don’t know if that’s been the accusation. What I’ve been hearing about the paranoia and fear driven buying frenzies could very well include new shooters. The veterans are stocking up on ammo and the newbies are buying guns and ammo (and earmuffs I suppose).

  2. Which reminds me – Dick’s (and Amazon) has some $30 electronic muffs. Right now I have a set of plain-jane ones. Want to pick up a couple of the electronic ones for myslef and my wife so we can talk at the range. Any idea of the el cheapo’s are worth a try? Prefer not to drop $100 per right now

  3. Slightly off topic, but not really… Been thinking of getting some of those. I despise the feeling of earplugs, and I usually hit the range with company so it makes it hard to converse while slaying paper targets. Never had a chance to test out a pair… any suggestions?

  4. The big thing to look out for is recovery time, this is the amount of time it takes the amplifier to recover from hearing a gunshot. Some cheaper models recover very slowly, meaning after a shot, it might be a second or two before you can hear again, which can be annoying if you’re trying to hear range commands, or in my case listen for the sound of a hit on steel.

  5. Hmmph – didn’t see that listed on the packaging. Well, that’s why I have a PDA/phone – so I can look up info before buying while standing in front of the shelf.

    (One of these days someone’s goingto come out with reasonably free* app that reads barcodes by camera and looks up reviews. (* By reaosnably free I mean ad-supported)

  6. “I can’t believe we’re all busting electronic muffs on the pavement.”

    This sounds suspiciously like a euphemism.

  7. As mine have been acting up, which I think was a moisture issue, ordered a new pair today, and they shipped them today, how cool is that?

  8. Got mine at Harbor Freight for $20. They work OK for me, although they’re not as quiet as the non-electronic ones sold under the Smith & Wesson name I had earlier.
    At this point I have no other basis for comparison.

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