Next Target For Heeding God’s Call?

In the latest Monica Yant Kinney column, we get some idea of what gun shop Heeding God’s Call might be going after next:

Emboldened by the victory, the curbside crusade continues. Heads up, Shooter Shop in Kensington: You’re next.

You don’t get the option of not standing up to these people.

UPDATE: Here’s Shooter Shop’s web site, and it looks like they even have a commercial. I don’t know, that deer head just screams “criminal hangout” to me! Seriously, what’s their beef? Other than this is a family business that has the audacity to try to run a legitimate gun business in Philadelphia? Let’s hope it’s a family that will stand up to these hateful people.

5 thoughts on “Next Target For Heeding God’s Call?”

  1. I sure hope Shooter Shop has their books in order. These idiots sound like they’ll try the same tactics against this place. Hopefully this time they can get a conviction for something to stick to these nitwits

  2. I guess the Philly Christians just need something to do? Abortion protests too passe now?

    I guess, you know, working in the poor neighborhoods where crime festers isn’t high profile enough.

  3. The Religious Left supports abortion choice, they’re against ANY violence in every (other) respect including self-defense.

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