Heeding God’s Call

Apparently God wants us to harass businesses which sell a lawful product.  Interesting that one of the “Clergy” in the pictures looks an awful lot like Bryan Miller.  I didn’t even know Bryan was ordained!

Colosimo acknowledged that a significant number of handguns sold at his shop have been discovered to have been used in crimes. However, he said, that is because of the shop’s large sales volume for decades.

“We sell 100 times more than some other stores,” he said, adding that the shop has had contracts with “at least 250” Pennsylvania and New Jersey police departments during the last six decades, including Philadelphia’s.

He said he believed it was unfair to deny guns to prospective buyers simply because their previous purchases had been used in crimes.

“Suppose you came in here 10 years ago and bought five guns,” he said. “And you lose one of them, or it’s stolen, and five years later it’s used in a robbery. Does that mean I shouldn’t sell it to you?”

Miller said that retailers who signed the pledge still could “use discretion” in such situations.

Good for Colosimo’s for standing up to this crap.  Any local gun shops who agree to not sell guns to people who have had guns stolen from them will not get my business, and I will do everything I can to make sure everyone knows why.

If anyone buys for a minute that Miller wouldn’t sue or smear any shop that used this “discretion” he speaks of, then they are nuts.

9 Responses to “Heeding God’s Call”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    Bryan is really lower than whale-shit!

    One question I had was what this part of the “Pledge” meant:

    “Conduct criminal background checks on employees and train them in ways to deter illegal purchasers.”

    I get the first part (and actually I don’t have a problem with it. If you can’t sell guns to somebody who flunks a NICS why should a NICS flunkie be able to run the counter? Unless there’s somthing I’m missing)

    But how are some of the ways to “deter illegal purchasers”?

    I remember once buying a .22 rifle for a friend’s birthday…and another occation picking out a shotgun with my wife. Both of those occations I was on edge worried that somehow my actions would trigger some Strawman reaction, dispite everything I was doing was inside the scope of the law.

    In the end nothing happened….and of course I always had the choice to commit a crime afterwards….I chose not to.

  2. Navy Vet from Jersey says:

    I looked at the picture just now and I’m quite sure Bryan Miller is the one at the podium doing all the talking. Of course it has to be Bozo’s long lost twin who grabs the spotlight when the media’s cameras and microphones are on.

  3. travis bickle says:

    How will a shop owner know that a buyer has had firearms stolen in the past?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Easy… if they get a trace request for a gun, it goes into a database maintained by our friends the Mayors. If the person is in the database as having bought a gun that was eventually traced, it comes up in the system.

  5. SayUncle says:

    Bryan Miller is a busy little beaver (figure of speech and nothing to do with his appearance). You’d think there was some sort of gun control movement up there but it’s just Miller popping up every where.

  6. AntiCitizenOne says:

    There is no God, only man.


  7. Lergnom says:

    January 15, 3:45 PM – I was driving east on Spring Garden street and they were there, with their signs and banners.
    The local ABC affiliate was just leaving.

  8. Sebastian says:

    How many were there?


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