From the Bad Idea File

The Firearms Blog looks at a version of the Glock with a thumb safety. As Caleb says:

So, awesome business decision if Glock gets the contract, and now you’ll be able to shoot yourself in the leg with your Glock after accidentally ejecting the magazine!

If you want a gun with an manually operated external safety, the Glock isn’t the gun for you. Imagine if British soldiers had a hobby they could take part in that would teach safe and competent pistol handing before the got to the military?  Nah, too dangerous.

2 thoughts on “From the Bad Idea File”

  1. I just happened to be milling around the pistol counter once when I guy was fixing to buy an XD of some sort as a carry piece. When he asked where the safety was the guy behind the counter pointed out the grip safety the trigger safety (I think he omitted the disconnector and the cross-block). The buyer mumbled something about just carrying it condition 3.

    I stepped in and pointed out that if he just kept his finger off the trigger and had good gun handling the firearm would never shoot when he didn’t want it too. Meanwhile if he was going to have sloppy gun handling there would be NOTHING the gun could do to prevent him from having a negligent discharge.

    Bottom line it’s a gun. either it’s capable of shooting or it isn’t. Any gun capable of putting lead down range when handled properly is capable of putting holes in things not intended when improperly handled.

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