Congressional Amendment on Guns in Public Housing

It looks like Congress is moving to use their spending power to coerce state housing agencies into allowing residents to have firearms to protect themselves.   The amendment was introduced by Tom Price (R-GA), but the article also lists A-rated Dem Joe Baca of California as one of the supporters.  Naturally this is causing some hysterics:

“There was a time during the ’70s and ’80s when public housing developments were considered killing grounds,” said Emanuel Cleaver II , D-Mo., who grew up in public housing. “It is just foolhardy to place guns in developments of poor people, many of whom are unemployed, and place these guns around children. . . . Why would we try to put guns in the most densely populated areas in the urban core? It’s just unbelievable.”

So as a middle-class suburban dweller, it’s absolutely fine for me to have a useful tool to protect my family, but if I’m poor, unemployed, and forced to live in public housing, well, too bad for you then.  How’s that for equality?

6 thoughts on “Congressional Amendment on Guns in Public Housing”

  1. Can you imagine how many criminals will bring guns into these neighborhoods if you make it legal?

    It seems like when you hear anti-gun people talking about firearms ownership, they often say you can just “avoid the dangerous places” where you might need a gun. But what about the people who live there?

    Good stuff! I hope the bill goes through.

  2. +1 added dichotomy that guns are OK to have in places where crime is rare, but where crime is very common lawful people should be barred from owning guns…

    Given that the Bradies love to dance in the blood of any tragedy, makes you almost wonder if they push shit like this to keep the free suppers coming…

  3. PeterFF:

    And you also make a mistake, assuming an A-rated rep is OK with you owning guns, and doesn’t just know on which side his electoral bread is buttered — for the moment.

  4. What’s he talking about “placing” guns there, or “putting” them there? Is there an NRA gun fairy that flies over and sprinkles guns over the projects? I love how they always frame it as if people just go around and hand out free guns to everyone.

  5. Jessup,

    So you assume. I am just stating that the person is probably against most gun ownership. I am guessing that there are those on both sides that are there for political expediency.

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