Manufacturing Consent

The White House seems to be trying to recruit NEA grant recipients in the arts to act as his propaganda arm.  What if Bush had done this?  I guess we can look forward to more wonderful art reminiscent of Soviet propaganda.

2 Responses to “Manufacturing Consent”

  1. JKB says:

    Is it really art when all you do is change the photo on some long massacred Soviet artist’s work?

    On the upside, when the world turns perhaps this can be used to finally abolish the NEA and the ugly “art” imposed on so many urban areas.

  2. Mikee says:

    Also looking on the positive side of this, when the establishment artists with their Soviet-style propaganda posters really start cranking out their bad art, the real dissident art has the possibility of being stunningly and immediately great.

    I link to the Obama as Joker poster as a start:

    Perhaps not great art, but I admit that I laughed.