Everyone is a Hurricane Expert Now

Ray Nagin is going on tv to tell people how to prepare for Irene. As long as he’s saying, “Don’t do what I did,” then he’s right!

In other news, Atlantic City casinos are already shutting down in advance of any orders to do so. I think it’s telling that they have to rope off casinos in order to convince people that maybe they shouldn’t be hanging out at the coast when a hurricane is coming.

4 thoughts on “Everyone is a Hurricane Expert Now”

  1. The easiest way to get wannbe victims out of town… Advertise free flat screen TVs 50 miles inland. Amazing how fast they’ll find transportation for free stuff.

  2. Ray Nagin taught us the most valuable lesson of all during natural disasters: All citizens should be disarmed. Only the civil authorities should be allowed to possess firearms when TSHTF.

    We should all thank Mayor Nagin for his brilliant leadership. Now the Gun-grabbers can never again claim that they don’t actually want to disarm us.

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