The Kind of Hysterics I Don’t Agree With

The argument that these protesters with guns are a threat to the President are a more than bit rich.  First off, I’m pretty sure that assassins are not known to openly carry their implements of assassination openly.  Secondly, I’m pretty sure the Secret Service, who did not have concerns about these protesters, isn’t too worried about people packing small arms well away from where the President is or is going to be.

No responsible gun owner, law enforcement executive, or public official should endorse or allow these armed protests anywhere near the president.

They weren’t near the President, and that’s exactly why the Secret Service did not have a problem.  Look, it’s not the guy who’s open carrying his pistol or rifle to get press attention that I’m worried about.  The guy you have to worry about is the one you won’t see coming.  As I covered in excruciating detail yesterday, I think there are reasons this is a bad thing to promote, but the safety of the President is not among those reasons.

One Response to “The Kind of Hysterics I Don’t Agree With”

  1. Harold says:

    No “public official” such as White House press secretary Robert Gibbs?

    The Era of Obama has been extremely weird in ways I never ever expected. You know, this might even indicate that while Obama doesn’t like guns and wants to ban them, he isn’t pathologically afraid of them like we suspect Bill Clinton was.