You how we all said …

… if they passed one-gun-a-month you’d have people suggesting that it doesn’t go nearly far enough?  Like, next would be one gun a year?  One gun per person?  How about this — no guns?  When we say things like that, we’re told we’re paranoid and delusional.  Well, sorry, no we’re not.

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  1. Every time I see something about a “one gun a month” law, the first thing I think is “Gee, how can I afford twelve new guns each year?”

    Though somehow I don’t think that’s exactly what the bedwetters were thinking when they passed the law.


  2. Well, she’s right. People do kill people with guns. She did forget to add, also with knives, bats, rope, poison, and simple beatings. I guess she could have just dropped the ‘with guns’ and been much more correct.

    Technology (which a gun is) is neither the cause of, nor the cure to, societal ills. Perhaps Lois should look at helping those nuts straighten their life, or finding a solution to the gang problem, instead of screaming about the technology at play.

  3. I wonder if this mental midget libtard named Lois Romano from “Joisey” has yet heard about how a 72-year-old business owner used his shotgun yesterday to halt the armed robbery of his store and a robber’s pistol-whipping of one of his employees – in Harlem, New York City, of all places! (Two of the robbers were killed, the other two were injured and later arrested, and no innocents were shot at all. Today the news came out that the shop owner will not be facing any criminal charges.)

    Here’s a story link, from the New York Times, of all places:

    What would the ardently hoplophobic Lois Romano of “Joisey” say about this bit of reality that flies in the face of her feelings about guns?

    Nothing coherent or intelligent, I’ll bet – maybe something about how the founding fathers would be “spinning in their graves” perhaps, since in her narrow mind, the founding fathers all clearly must have felt that nobody except the police should be allowed to own a gun?

  4. …the founding fathers all clearly must have felt that nobody except the police should be allowed to own a gun?

    Except they did, and there were no “police” let alone the paramilitary police that roam the streets today.

  5. “I cannot see how these words mean that there should be “gun shows” where anyone can buy an Uzi, a missile launcher or any other weapon that our military uses.”

    MAN, not this shit again!

  6. Tom:

    I’m neither a constitutional scholar nor a law professor. I’ll bet any amount of money Lois Romano from “Joisey” is neither of those herself, either, but to me, the word “people,” as it appears in the Second Amendment phrase, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” means the same exact thing today as it did in 1789.

    Some people keep harping on and on about how great the public school systems are in “Joisey.” Whatever, I say – The fact that the same corrupt politicians keep getting reelected in that state, the very same ones who keep hiking up the taxes, while they chip away at more and more individual liberty and freedom, suggests to me quite the opposite.

  7. For a few lines, I thought this article was satrical, but then I realized that this was written by someone from new jersey.

    Sadly enough, I’m from NJ.

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