Glenn Beck Leaving Fox?

I was introduced to Glenn Beck the same way Uncle was. I watched his show once. Beck has always struck me as a drama queen. I’ve never been able to stand conservative news shows or talk radio. The only commentator out there on radio or TV worth listening to, in my opinion, is Cam Edwards.

11 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Leaving Fox?”

  1. “Uncle” wrote that the first he heard Beck was “when he keynoted the NRA Annual Meeting banquet in Louisville in 2008. … It was a good speech.”

    I was there also. I sat at a table with some academic eggheads. One PhD/JD just looked at us, rolled his eyes, and gave a laugh. Another PhD/JD leaned over and said, “Quick! Call the Anthropology Department. We have found Neanderthal Man!”

    “Good speech”?! The only way I could cope with it was with a 2nd glass of wine, which always puts me to sleep.

    The less media time that ranting, raving, racist bigot gets, the better we’ll all be. Having the likes of Beck tied to the RKBA movement is not a positive.

  2. Michael Medved is another exception. His views are not mine, but at least he’s an original thinker with a solid command of facts and he’s an excellent debater.

    Beck is such an embarrasment that it’s hard to believe he’s not some sort of Democratic operative, deployed as a weapon to discredit conservative ideas.

  3. My exposure to Beck is mostly limited to micro doses of his morning program on Sirius XM Patriot. His greatest effect on me seems to be reminding me that I prefer a music channel to him. The unruly demeanor of the show makes it unpleasant to listen to. I really miss Mike Church having that time slot. Mike & Cam are the talent on that station.

    I don’t buy the “Beck is a racist” line. What I have seen offered to support that allegation has not been persuasive nor from any credible sources.

  4. I agree with a lot of what Beck has to say, but I’m holding off on watching him on TV or listening to his radio show again until he gets through menopause.

  5. I appreciate Mike Church as well, and hate they changed his time slot. I TRY not to be awake that early if I can help it. And, John Gibson on Fox (on satellite radio) is a hoot. But, I agree, Cam Edwards is the man, always a great show!

  6. When was Cam Edwards’ talk show ever on TV? I like his show, but I have only SEEN his show online, and heard the simulcast of his show on satellite radio.

    As far as conservative talk radio goes, whether you like it or not, it’s just about the only genre of mass media where you will likely ever hear any pro-gun commentary. (If you doubt me on this, then please tell me when I can listen to some pro-gun commentary on National Public Radio.) We can all thank the Reagan administration’s policy decision to end the FCC’s “fairness doctrine” for the emergence of conservative talk radio.

    If you think that conservative talk radio is something you can’t stand, then just try listening to liberal talk radio instead sometime, that is, if you can even find liberal talk radio shows on your local airwaves, that is, commercial AM or FM radio, not the satellite radio that charge subscription fees. This is simply because liberal talk radio shows have never been able to attract enough of an audience to make them profitable in the commercial AM or FM radio business. Maybe this is because there just aren’t enough people out there who want to hear how much America sucks each and every day, but I digress.

    Look at what happened to the “Air America” radio network – it took less than six years for that entire venture to go bust, and this was even after the head of “Air America” ripped off 875 thousand dollars from a charitable organization for children in New York City to keep the entire network in business. (The money was repaid, albeit not until nearly the end of the network’s six-year lifespan.)

  7. Beck is great entertainment. He’s a “recovering alcoholic” who has “ADHD” so he is on quite a bit of prescription stimulants.

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