Obama claims that grassroots efforts against his health care program are “manufactured,” but grassroots organizing in favor are democracy trying to stop mob rule.  As Jim Geraghty of Campaign Spot said on his twitter feed, “Claims of ‘manufactured’ outrage — in this economy, it’s a pleasant surprise to see anyone manufacturing anything.”   Bravo.

4 thoughts on “Manufacturing”

  1. Grassroots efforts are organic and natural, not as manufactured as the Administration’s synthetic AstroTurf media:CBS, NBC, ABC.

  2. Think DirtCrashr beat me to it… but not completely.

    Like the administration’s ‘grassroots’ weren’t manufactured or paid.

    I’d emigrate but everywhere else sucks more… just need to pick the right state I guess.

  3. OF COURSE it’s manufactured anger! The SocDemLibs manufactured it for us!

    And what’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.

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