Jersey Switcheroo Afoot?

According to Cemetery, Hudson County Democrats are saying Corzine ought to step down.  It’s the Jersey way.  If your candidate is losing, switch him out.  That’s how New Jersey Jurassic Parked the Toricelli Senate race and resurrected this dinosaur to once again roam the halls of Hart Senate Office Building.  Don’t be surprised if it happens again.

5 thoughts on “Jersey Switcheroo Afoot?”

  1. Surprised? Heck, I’ve been expecting it. Hopefully the folks still in NJ (I left three years ago) will vote against the pinch-hitter this time.

    It was an illegal move then and the NJ Supreme Court had to bend over backwards–or more likely look up their sphincters–to find the logic to permit it. If the Dems try it again it will be a stupid move displaying an inability to play by the rules and take your lumps like a man.

  2. Yeah – but the most likely candidate for the replacement was supposed to be the Mayor of Jersey City – who just fired a bunch of staff including his deputy mayor… for getting naile dint he corruption investigation. The one the Christie had a hand in as US Atty for NJ earlier. That’s going to leave a mark…

  3. I doubt Corzine will play along. The Torch was cooperative because he was such a dead duck and facing real criminal charges.

  4. That’s true too. Corzine is not exactly a member in good standing of the NJ political machine, after all (he’s an outsider.) Though I still gotta wonder who has photos of which skeletons from his closet?

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