Free(r) Market Health Care is Slavery

Via a Jim Geraghty tweet this morning, I could not believe the WaPo actually printed a column that compares the mere debate of various health care proposals to the Missouri Compromise.

Max Baucus, then, isn’t negotiating universal coverage with the party of Everett Dirksen, in which many members supported Medicare. He’s negotiating it with the party of Barry Goldwater, who was dead set against Medicare. It’s a fool’s errand that is creating a plan that’s a marvel of ineffectuality and self-negation — a latter-day Missouri Compromise that reconciles opposites at the cost of good policy.

The simple fact that Max Baucus is even talking to Republicans deeply offends the author. He can’t fathom why they would bother with it since Democrats are in charge, and for any Democrat who dares questions all but the most liberal proposals, he calls out as “right-wing” Blue Dogs.

I have to question how the far left can be so worked up about health care that they consider a comparison to government-condoned slavery appropriate. The act of simply having a discussion with the minority party offends them deeply, and the notion that those damn hick Democrats from rural areas even question the progressive agenda makes their skin crawl.

We have a real shot at derailing health care proposals that would increase costs, ration services, and give bureaucrats complete control over your medical options. If you have a Blue Dog representing you in either the House or Senate, make sure you are either calling or emailing them. If you have a squishy Republican, do the same. Unions, the AARP, and MoveOn are all putting up serious money to try and push for a single-payer system, or the slippery slope step of a public option. If you’re on Twitter, and your local rep is as well, send them a tweet to let them know you don’t support it. If they are on Facebook, write a message on their wall to stay strong in opposition. Finally, write a letter to the editor. Every paper is covering the health care debate. Your letter is very likely to be published if it is reasonably well written and argued. (Keep it short & simple!)

The fact that the left is having to resort to tactics like using a major newspaper to argue that our current health care system is akin to slavery is a sign that we’re making progress. As it is, votes in the Senate have been delayed, and some reports indicate that even Pelosi has given up until after the August recess.

3 thoughts on “Free(r) Market Health Care is Slavery”

  1. The unhinged Left is worked-up enough to introduce Godwin’s Law in every discussion. This is an example of the Nazi surrogate/proxy being Slavery – and the unhinged Left is so completely brain-wiped and irony-free they don’t/can’t recognize actual slavery when Communism is implicated.

  2. I always love it when the party of Jim Crow laws tries to use history against the party of Lincoln.

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