Toy Gun Scare

Princeton instituted it’s super secure, extra careful campus lock down procedure, with “Stay inside and do not go outside to travel to another building. Close and lock the doors and windows.” instructions to students, because they thought there might be someone on campus with some sort of weapon.  Turns out it was a water gun.  Whew.  Can you just imagine what might have happened if it had been an actual weapon?

Any bets on whether you could walk across campus carrying a packet of matches and a gallon of gasoline?

6 Responses to “Toy Gun Scare”

  1. Joe Carpenter says:

    Shhh! You’ll give the bad guys ideas, like initiating a lockdown then using said gasoline and matches to cause a major body count.
    I still think a knee-jerk “lockdown” reaction to this and other issues is the wrong reaction.

  2. Linoge says:

    Good grief… and to think of the water gun fights we had not five years ago when I was in college… I guess these days, that kind of recreation would get us wound up in prison.

  3. Bitter says:

    It wasn’t terribly long ago that water guns could be carried on a campus without the police being called. For convocation, I wore one openly in my garter, a couple concealed in my boots, and at least one semi-concealed in the corset. I’m quite sure there were more on me, but since they were filled with liquor, my memory is a little fuzzy.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Filled with Liquor, it’s potentially a flamethrower.

  5. Reputo says:

    Has no one told the administration at Princeton that bullets don’t respect windows and walls. They might as well have some strategically placed cardboard boxes around the campus to provide concealment.

  6. FatWhiteMan says:

    Remember the movie Gotcha? Where college students played paint ball back before paint ball was cool? I bet Princeton would have a collective conniption now.