Right on Cue

Paul Helmke touts his impressive victory over the National Rifle Association, and display it as evidence that NRA is powerless:

What good did the NRA’s money and endorsements do for former Senator Norm Coleman, former Senator John Sununu and former Senator Gordon Smith? Not enough to return them to the Senate. Voters in those states rejected the gun lobby’s attacks last November and voted for their opponents.

Hey, nobody claimed NRA endorsements were a magic key to victory every time.  There were a lot of broader political trends in 2008.  Those still happen, you know. But either way, I have to admit, I’m kind of liking this Senate under Harry Reid.  If we can just get Pelosi and Obama out of power, we might be able to run some serious bills.

7 thoughts on “Right on Cue”

  1. Jesus could have endorsed Coleman and he still would have lost. The MN election was fixed.

  2. Only with Helmke is getting 39 votes out of 97 a huge victory. Yes, we lost the vote because of the cloture requirement but what the vote did tell us is we likely have those 58 votes to stop most any gun control bill that might come before the Senate. I would think that Helmke et al at some point want to advance some restrictions and yesterday’s vote make the chances of passing gun control pretty poor indeed.

  3. It got Norm Coleman a tie in a liberal state in an election that Democrats won by landslides most other places.

  4. Right, Paul, An election in which the stock market crashed and unemployment skyrocketed was decided by the supporters of gun control, an issue in which about 70% are on the pro-gun side of the issue.

    Voter # 1: Did you see that the Dow is down 40%?

    Voter # 2: Nah, those things bore me. I’m concerned about serious issues, such as denying rednecks civil rights.

    Voter # 1: Good point. After all, my psychiatrist says they have small penises.

  5. ” I’m kind of liking this Senate under Harry Reid”

    You liked Gillibrand too and see where that got you!

  6. Helmke cries about the evil all powerful NRA when he loses then gloats that they’re powerless when he wins by two votes. What a twit.

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