How Is Grading the Vote Capitulating?

Apparently Red State did not get the memo that NRA is grading the vote on Sotomayor.  Nothing to refute here.  It’s just wrong.  But what does the correction look like:

I regret the error. I’ve found I cannot defend the claim and must retract it. My apologies. Notwithstanding that, the overall point remains — the NRA has capitulated on Sotomayor and has totally refused to put up a fight, just like with Eric Holder. If the NRA is not going to aggressively combat anti-2nd Amendment judges, why should we give them money?

Emphasis mine.  How is grading the vote capitulation?  What do you want them to do?  Kidnap Senators and hold them for ransom?  It’s hard to take Red State seriously with crap like this.

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  2. {What do you want them to do? Kidnap Senators and hold them for ransom?}

    OK, OK! I promise, I will re-up my NRA membership if they start kidnapping congress critters. I’ll even donate additional $ to the ILF!


  3. With the national reciprocity bill coming up I think the NRA wants to push on that one first more than anything else…

  4. NRA works hard on the Hill and Sotomayor is a done deal. NRA can grade the progun Senators that vote for her and put out the word. Next election 2010 is going to be a killer for Democats. They have total ownership of the melt down of the economy with their rush to spend on cronies.

    So the only good thing that Blue Dogs can point to is their support of gun rights and Sonia S has been shown she is hostile to the gun rights agenda.

    Being vague is good so the Senators can worry how the NRA grade will effect them . Those who are not up in 2010 will not be as concerned.

    As to CCW reciprocity it is nice but I am not sure that is a good idea that the federal government has authority over the states. I prefer the states arrange interlocking reciprocity agreements.

    Of course this deal will help those of us in states that are no issue may issue which is no issue in reailty.

  5. RAH, your comments re RTC reciprocity make little sense.

    First, this is not about states’ rights but about civil rights. States are not allowed to violate the civil rights of their residents. Don’t like it, repeal the 14th amendment.

    Second, it won’t help people in may-issue states much if they can’t get a license in their state. Or am I missing something? Would a CA resident with a PA permit be allowed to carry in CA under this? Maybe.

  6. Has a serious case of dumb-ass broken out today? This is 3 times I’ve seen this stuff about the NRA not taking on Sotomayor. Instead of taking the word of some political gadfly, perhaps if people actually asked the NRA about the NRA’s positions they might get the right answer.

    1. RedState has been wrong about NRA several times. As in not just disagreeing with things, but having the issues that drove their posts proven absolutely wrong. I guess this means they endorse the GOA approach of giving out Fs to every senator who votes for her no matter what. A senator could say they want to overturn Hughes tomorrow, but that doesn’t matter if they vote for a judge who is, as viewed by DC and much of the legal community, qualified to hold the office. GOA is going to fail all of them.

  7. Can someone point me to a reliable source that the NRA will actually grade this vote? All I’ve been able to find—(previously or with Google just now—is the indispensable Jennifer Rubin saying “I contacted the NRA last night. A spokesman promptly replied by email: “It’s an important vote and it will count.” That’s not entirely clear to me and is from the usual unnamed source; an official statement from the NRA itself would be nice….

  8. Given that we don’t have a name for the spokesman, well, it’s certainly not “on the record”. I’d like to see something official, at the very least on the record with the name of the spokesman, and unambitious about “grade” or “score” WRT to the official ILA grade for politicians. Something on a NRA web page would be even better.

    Only my respect for Rubin keeps me from calling this just a rumor (perhaps even a convenient one: who will be looking hard at this next year, and doesn’t the NRA have plausible deniability as things stand today?).

  9. Correction, I just checked and it is on the record as that’s generally defined, but obviously anonymously sourced. It comes down to how much we trust Rubin, especially about an area I didn’t know she was into (although she’s enough into it to home on the really critical thing). I would be more comfortable if I could see the email she sent, to make sure she made clear what she was asking.

    Is there any reason the NRA can’t say this forthrightly? Or is saying it publicly impolite or the like? How have they handled previous graded votes?i

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