Wisconsin Motion in Heller

Just noticed the following update on the Heller case:

Feb 28 2008 Motion for leave to file amicus brief filed by Wisconsin. (Distributed)

This Wisconsin Attorney General had to seek permission from the Wisconsin legislature to join the amicus brief for state Attorneys General.  Needless to say this took time, and the Wisconsin legislature didn’t get around to acting until it was past the deadline.  Here’s hoping the Supreme Court grants the motion, and we can get Wisconsin on board.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Motion in Heller”

  1. “…and we can get Wisconsin on board.”

    What makes you think that Wisconsin would file on behalf of Respondent?

  2. J.B. (John) Van Hollen grew up in the North woods of Wisconsin where he developed an appreciation for the great outdoors, family and community, and dedication to public service.

    Just a guess.

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